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We understand how important our Highways Infrastructure is to everyone’s everyday lives and we work across the industry to provide integrated Highway Solutions which keep the Country’s road network safe and flowing. From Lighting, Civil Engineering and Communications our teams are there to support you and provide the most cost-effective and innovative solutions.

Core Capabilities

  • Verifying site conditions increases earthworks’ efficiency and accuracy.
  • Highway development and engineering solutions.
  • Construction Design and Principal Contractor responsibilities.
  • Highways Improvement Works.
  • Site Supervision and contract administration.

Highway Lighting Design & Installation

Highway lighting design and installation is a critical part of ensuring the safety of motorists. Poorly designed or installed highway lighting can lead to reduced visibility, increased driver fatigue, and a higher risk of accidents. To ensure the safety of motorists, it is important to work with a professional highway lighting contractor who has experience in designing and installing effective highway lighting systems. A good highway lighting system should take into account the specific needs of the location, such as the type of traffic, the amount of traffic, and the time of day that the highway is used. In addition, the system should be designed to provide uniform illumination and to minimize glare. By working with a professional highway lighting contractor, you can ensure that your highway lighting system is designed and installed properly, providing optimal safety for motorists.

We are industry leaders in highway lighting design & installation. Our team has years of experience and is able to offer a bespoke service to suit your exact requirements. Using our experience and highly trained staff we can find a solution to suit your exact needs. At McCann, as leading street lighting contractor. We have worked on Highway Design & Installation projects across the United Kingdom. At McCann we pride ourselves in finding the most cost effective and professional solution for our clients.