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Environment & sustainability

It’s not just about being green; it’s about demonstrating social and corporate responsibility whilst building a sustainable business.”
John McCann, Managing Director

At McCann we understand we live in a world where natural resources are limited, however we believe our own efforts to deliver our goods and services in a sustainable and environmentally manner need not be.

We manage our impact on the environment by the careful use of natural resources, maximising recycling and minimising waste; whilst protecting and enhancing the environment in which we work and live; as well as offering a safe and sustainable workplace, where our own people are valued and cared for.


Health & safety

The health and safekeeping of his own workforce was of paramount importance to John when founding the group and it remains so to this day throughout the business.

This commitment to safety is evidenced by our Safety Policy that clearly states “J. McCann Co (Nottm) Ltd considers that nothing is so important that it cannot be done safely”. We ensure the policy is not only prepared and revised in line with current best practice and regulation, but is effectively communicated to visitors, our workforce and supply chain.

To achieve the high standards of health and safety required by our principal and the Industry at large, we believe a number of elements of management and support need to be in place.

Firstly, sufficient and suitable resources need to be allocated to enable the policies to be implemented, to ensure such a level of resource is in place we not only employ a safety specialist to advise and support our management team but carry out and facilitate extensive in house and external training of both our own workforce but also where appropriate that of our supply chain.

Secondly we ensure that our management systems provide for effective monitoring and reporting of Health, Safety and Environmental performance and that this reporting through using ‘lessons learnt’, leads to the continuous improvement of our systems and policies.

We believe the key to successful project delivery is the attainment of a safe and controlled working environment. To ensure this we pride ourselves on having Site Managers who are both professional and confident in implementing CDM regulations and the legal requirements of Health and Safety, who are in turn supported by an experienced Health and Safety Manager and by the deployment of a well informed, qualified workforce who are committed to safety and the environment.

To enhance our stance on Health and Safety through our transport operations, we have developed a Fleet Operator manual and comply with the requirements of the Fleet Operator Registration Scheme (FORS).

“It’s not just about being green; it’s about demonstrating social and corporate responsibility whilst building a sustainable business.”
John McCann Managing Director



“It’s not just about getting things right, it’s about creating a learning organisation which can demonstrate, and benefit from, continual improvement.”
John Spencer, McCann’s HSEQ Manager

McCann has a mature, externally audited Quality Management System which fully complies to BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and the National Highway Sector Scheme 8. Since gaining accreditation in 1993, process-driven continual improvement has been implemented across all areas of the business.



“Collaboration is about selecting the right partner and evolving that business relationship to a point where that schemes culture and people’s behaviours are adding value to the contract above that of a standard contractual relationship.”
Ben Feltham, McCann’s QA and Lean Manager

McCann has created a Collaborative Business Relationship Management System that is compliant to the requirements of ISO 44001:2017. This management system will allow McCann to select collaborative business partners and manage collaborative risks to deliver better deliver large and complex projects.

Working in a collaborative environment that is continually improving ensures best outcomes for all stakeholders.