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McCann has over 50 years of experience in a comprehensive range of civil engineering services, including the installation of drainage and ducting. Our specialist team works with clients and subcontractors to ensure mutual respect and the best possible results on all projects, and our ISO 44001 accreditation reflects our commitment to this collaborative approach.

We take a holistic stance on all projects, considering staff and public safety, skillful timing, and cost-effectiveness. With open communication, these updates are proactively shared through regular reports and meetings with all involved parties.


As the Principal Contractor in North Yorkshire, we worked with Highways England’s Term Contractor A-one+, to deliver drainage solutions to the A64 Brambling Fields Junction. An unstable drainage ditch was affecting fields on one side of the A64 and the trunk road on the other. The scheme was undertaken to prevent further erosion and subsequent disruption to the adjacent land. The works included the re-profiling and re-lining of a 400m length of the ditch with mattress and gabions. 1,125 tonnes of rock were required, and this was deliberately sourced from a local supplier to minimise carbon emissions.


On a further scheme we worked with Balfour Beatty, providing a range of civil engineering services to the Top Wighay Farm eco-village project. The requirements included shallow and deep drainage and ducting for illuminations. During construction, our experienced site management team identified a potential issue where removing footpaths on either side of the A611 could cause surface water to accumulate dangerously on the road. To mitigate this concern, we removed the footpaths, backfilled the gullies with concrete, and brought water to the verge using sandbags. Temporary tar was installed to keep the area dry. Both of these projects were delivered on time and within budget, working safely whilst adjusting to the Covid-19 pandemic. Whatever you require, our specialist team can ensure your drainage project runs smoothly through our skilled professionals and open communication. We pride ourselves on delivering projects masterfully, on time, and within budget.


Civil Engineering Drainage Contractors

We are leading Civil Engineering Contractors based in Nottingham offering services across the United Kingdom. At McCann we are able to offer a bespoke service to suit your exact requirements. At McCann we as well as acting as multi-utility contractors we are also nationwide leading street lighting contractors.