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Civil Engineering Services Durham

McCann Ltd – Elevating Durham’s Infrastructure  

Your Partner in Local Development  

In the historic and vibrant region of Durham, McCann Ltd emerges as a key contributor to civil and electrical engineering construction, playing a vital role in enhancing the area’s infrastructure. Our strategic presence in Durham reflects our commitment to supporting the local community and fostering economic growth. We are dedicated to delivering projects that complement Durham’s rich heritage and its developing economic landscape.

Ensuring Reliability and Compliance  

Our initiatives in Durham are supported by a deep commitment to reliability and strict adherence to the highest industry standards. Our work in the region exemplifies our resolve to uphold excellence, always aiming to meet and exceed client expectations.

Civil Engineering Services Durham
Civil Engineering

Comprehensive Infrastructure Solutions in Durham 

Our services in Durham include:  

  • Roadways: We lead the development and maintenance of Durham’s road network, focusing on improving connectivity to support economic development and community well-being.  
  • Multi Utilities: Addressing Durham’s specific requirements, we provide essential integrated utility services, critical for the region’s thriving communities and diverse business sectors.  
  • Civil Engineering: Our expertise is crucial in shaping Durham’s ambitious infrastructure projects, blending modern development with the region’s historic character.  
  • Bespoke Projects: Our skill in creating custom solutions shines in projects like unique lighting systems, which enhance Durham’s architectural heritage while embracing modern technology.
Civil Engineering

Connect with McCann Ltd in Durham  

Join us in Durham’s journey towards infrastructural enhancement and innovation. For enquiries or to discuss your project requirements, contact our Durham team today.


Is McCann's operation confined to Durham?  >
While Durham is a significant area of focus, McCann Ltd’s reach spans across the UK. We leverage our extensive experience to manage infrastructure projects in various locales.
What expertise does McCann bring to Durham’s infrastructure?  >
With over 40 years of experience, McCann Ltd brings a wealth of expertise and a legacy of excellence to each project within Durham's distinctive environment, catering to both its historical and contemporary needs.
Who does McCann serve in Durham?  >
Our client base in Durham is diverse, covering both the public and private sectors. We adeptly meet the specific needs of our varied clients in the region.
Can McCann address unique infrastructure demands in Durham?  >
Indeed. Beyond our standard services, we specialise in bespoke projects, offering customised solutions that meet the specific infrastructure challenges of Durham.
How does McCann ensure high standards in Durham?  >
Our dedication to safety, quality, and surpassing industry benchmarks is central to our ethos. Our Durham projects are completed with a firm commitment to these standards. For further information or to discuss specific project needs, please contact our Durham office or any of our national locations.