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Gurdwara flagpole installed in time for festive period

We are proud to have recently collaborated with Willenhall’s Sikh community on the design, manufacture and installation of a new 21-metre flagpole for the Guru Nanak Gurdwara temple in Willenhall, West Midlands. 

Though it sounds a simple job on the surface, the scope of this work was more complicated than you might think. The project was delivered in partnership with Fabrikat – a Nottinghamshire-based infrastructure and architectural solutions manufacturer for Lighting Columns and Guardrails and comes after the existing flagpole recently broke.

McCann’s Project Manager, Nick Brownlow, was delighted to lead the project and deliver a quick turnaround for the temple ahead of the festive period.

“This is the first time we’ve ever done anything like this so it’s been a really enjoyable learning experience for the whole team,”

“To do the work effectively, we needed to follow a 3-part process which had to take place over several, separate, day-long on-site visits. The team really pulled together and when combined with Fabrikat’s expertise, it proved to be a very efficient way of working for everybody.”

Key project phases included the removal of the existing flagpole and base unit, the inspection of the existing load bearing bedding grout and fixing studs to ensure they were fit for re-use, and the installation of the new 21m flagpole – just in time for December. 

Nick believes that part of the project’s success is owed to the warm-nature of the client, as he goes on to explain.

“The Sikh community was extremely welcoming and friendly to the whole team. It was great to learn more about the religion and its values whilst working at the Gurdwara temple,”

He continues “We discovered that the temple also provides food and water to those in need. The flagpole is so high so that it can be seen for miles – so it acts as a marker to direct those looking for the temple,”

“On behalf of the whole team, we would just like to say a huge thank you to the Guru Nanak community for being so cooperative and embracing the team with open arms. It really makes a difference and helps the project to run as smoothly as possible.”


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