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Transforming street lighting: Suffolk Streetlighting partner with South Cambridgeshire District Council

We are delighted to announce a pioneering seven-year partnership between Suffolk Streetlighting (a collaborative entity including McCann’s and Suffolk County Council) and South Cambridgeshire District Council – highlighting our dedication to enhancing public safety, sustainability and efficiency through high quality street lighting services.

Comprehensive street lighting management

Under this new agreement, Suffolk Streetlighting will take responsibility for managing all street lighting assets owned by the District Council in South Cambridgeshire. Our scope of work includes:

  • Asset Management: Using advanced techniques to ensure all street lighting components are regularly inspected, maintained and upgraded to minimise outages and extend the lifespan of assets
  • Carbon Calculation: Employing cutting-edge technology to monitor and reduce carbon emissions associated with street lighting, contributing to a greener environment
  • Energy Management: Integrating energy-efficient lighting solutions to lower energy consumption and promote sustainability
  • Maintenance and Capital Works: Offering a full range of maintenance services, from routine inspections to emergency repairs, ensuring continuous operation and public safety

In addition, we have committed to conducting regular night scouting in our fully electric vehicles to promptly address any issues and maintain optimal performance of the street lighting systems.

Why choose us?
  1. Expertise in Asset Management: Our team brings extensive experience and innovative solutions to effectively manage street lighting infrastructure
  2. Commitment to Sustainability: Our focus on reducing carbon emissions and promoting energy efficiency aligns with global sustainability goals
  3. Comprehensive Services: We provide end-to-end maintenance services, ensuring minimal disruption and optimal performance of street lighting systems
  4. Cost-Effective Solutions: Our competitive pricing models deliver maximum value, reducing financial burdens on local authorities
  5. Enhanced Public Safety: Reliable street lighting is crucial for public safety, deterring criminal activities and enhancing the overall sense of security for residents
Strategic vision for regional growth

Through this innovative partnership, Suffolk Street Lighting are committed to expanding our services across the region, supporting district and parish councils in achieving high standards of street lighting excellence. Our strategic vision is built on collaboration, sustainability, and innovation. By partnering with us, local authorities can leverage our expertise and resources for superior service delivery.

Join us in creating safer, sustainable communities

Local authorities in South-East England looking to improve their street lighting infrastructure are invited to contact us for a competitive quotation. We’re here to help you eliminate risk, reduce financial burdens and enhance the efficiency and reliability of your street lighting assets and systems.

Connect with us

By choosing Suffolk Streetlighting, you are investing in a brighter, safer future for your community. We very much welcome the opportunity to serve you.

Find out more information about SuffolkStreetlighting online.

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