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Second McCann employee approved to deliver Highways England’s Common Induction course

Following significant investment in our in-house training department, a second member of our training team has qualified to deliver the mandatory Highways England Common Induction course.

We received approval from awarding body Lantra to deliver the one-day Common Induction in 2018 – which forms a new part of Highways England’s Health and Safety Plan and sets out best practices for visitors and workers on the Strategic Road Network (SRN).

Trainer Tony Sexton joined us last year and now becomes the second member of the team qualified to deliver the course after passing the necessary Lantra qualifications.

Ersoy Errol, Training Manager at McCann, is delighted that Tony can deliver the training that will help to achieve Action 38 of Highways England’s 5-year Health and Safety Plan.

“The aim of the Highways England Passport Induction is to increase awareness of dangers in the workplace and improve on-site health and safety best practices – tackling principle hazards and risks relating to the SRN, as well as key legislation and general best practice,”

We saw a significant increase in the number of requests for new and existing training from Clients in 2018 due to the popularity of our courses. Adding the Highways England Common Induction to our training portfolio is a significant step for both us as a business and the industry as a whole – as Ersoy goes on to explain.

“Large and Small Contractors from across the UK are now taking part in training and adopting the latest standards laid out by Highways England. It is crucial therefore that training providers such as McCann can educate fellow industry professionals about best practices in order to keep workforces across the UK safe whilst working on the country’s SRN (Strategic Road Network).”

He continues, “Having two qualified in-house trainers for the Common Induction course keeps us firmly at the forefront of our industry as we continue to expand our training division and evolve our offering in accordance with the latest industry shifts.”

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