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Quantity Surveyor delighted to receive MCIOB nomination through CIOB

Hard work has paid off for McCann Quantity Surveyor Dean Allen, who has recently received chartered status with the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB), earning him an MCIOB nomination as well as the designation of Chartered Construction Manager.

At McCann we actively encourage employees across all levels of the business to build upon their existing knowledge and continue their professional development – whether that be through the company or via external means. 

This ethos of continuous professional development has been put into practice by one of our talented Quality Surveyors, Dean Allen, who has been working hard over the last couple of years to achieve chartered status with the Chartered Institute of Building – something which he was finally awarded this year.

For Dean, career progression hasn’t always been straight forward, as he goes on to explain.

“From when I was 16 years old, right through to when I was 32, I worked in manufacturing with minimal qualifications,” he shares,

“After many years of working with no specific direction or goals in mind, I decided I was going to challenge myself. I went to college and completed an Access to Higher Education Diploma so that I could become better qualified and get a better job,”

“I knew a few Quantity Surveyors at the time and it seemed like an interesting profession so when I achieved the grades required to gain enough credits for a place at University, I knew that this was the direction I wanted to take,”

“My degree was accredited by the Chartered Institute of Building and my lecturers always encouraged students to become Chartered upon completion of their degree. Although this had been an aspiration of mine since graduating in 2013, the time was never right for me to begin this process. That was until I began working for McCann,”

“McCann actively encouraged me to consider my career progression and professional development in a more serious manner. Thanks to my academic qualifications and industry experience, I was advised by the CIOB to complete the Professional Review pathway to become Chartered,”

“I originally submitted my application for this in November 2021 – spending nine months on my submission – but unfortunately my application was unsuccessful,”

Dean didn’t let this setback prevent him from achieving chartered status – with the unsuccessful submission only fuelling his drive to succeed even more.

“Sometimes in life there are bumps in the road and I’m not the kind of person to let this stop me from achieving my goals. I was absolutely focused on receiving the chartership so I began my resubmission in February 2022, utilising the feedback that the CIOB assessors had provided me with,”

“I finally resubmitted a much more comprehensive set of competencies within my Professional Review in September 2022 and received confirmation of my new status as a Chartered Construction Manager in October 2022, with the post nominal of MCIOB,” 

“This achievement means more to me than anybody will ever know. I hope this provides some kind of inspiration for anyone who might be feeling in a career rut or unsure with where they want to go in life. I also really wanted to show my children that they can achieve anything that they set their minds to and that hard work really does pay off in the end.”

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