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New Corporate Joint Venture

We are proud to announce the launch of new Corporate Joint Venture, Nexus Highways Ltd. Established earlier this year, in partnership with Thomas Bow City Asphalt Group, Nexus Highways has been strategically developed to vie for larger, multi-discipline public works contracts. It’s robust financial backing, combined with a skilled and knowledgeable management team, will allow Nexus to play a key role in the development of project design and buildability.

Based in the heart of Nottinghamshire, Nexus Highways will specialise in the delivery of Term Contracts and major highway and infrastructure projects throughout the UK – with it’s experience and extensive in-house resources meaning Nexus will be able to manage a diverse range of contracts, including civil engineering, communications, street lighting, traffic signals and surfacing.

As part of their commitment to best practice, Nexus are dedicated to a number of social and environmental responsibilities, as well as to supporting the communities in which it works. Nexus always ensures that materials, plant, equipment and labour are procured from local supply-chain partners, helping to boost the local economy and stimulate local growth and development.

Further information about Nexus Highways Ltd can be found at:

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