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National Apprenticeship Week Spotlight: Get to know Thomas Spencer

National Apprenticeship Week is now well underway, so we’re continuing our series of spotlight interviews as we bring to light some of the exciting future industry talent currently learning their trade across the business.

In this second of three in-depth Q&As, we’ve spent some time with Thomas Spencer, an apprentice IT Technician, as we find out what he’s learning as part of his apprenticeship and why he decided on McCann as his employer of choice.

It’s great to meet you Thomas. How long have you been with the business and what apprenticeship course are you currently studying towards?
I’ve worked for McCann for nearly two and a half years now – so I’ve bedded in nicely. My apprenticeship is a Level 3 IT Information Communication Technician – Support Technician – course.

Can you tell us a bit more about what your role involves please?
I’m responsible for a number of different areas. The first is providing dedicated IT support right across the business – which primarily means helping people overcome any computer-related issues they may encounter. The second is the delivery of dedicated server support – to make sure that our IT infrastructure runs as it should, and that our teams can work with no obstacles. And the final part of my role involves setting up accounts and devices for new starters, while maintaining a log of all IT equipment that’s been issued across the company.

What made you decide that an apprenticeship was the right path for you?
I have a real passion for learning more about IT as a service area. I want to be able to support people who need IT in their day jobs – whether that’s software or hardware – and develop a wider understanding of some of the common issues we could potentially face in order to prevent them from occurring in future. This apprenticeship has given me the tools I need to carry out basic tasks and develop a broader understanding of how our network operates.

What is it about civil engineering as an industry that excites you in particular?
Civil engineering is exciting because it shapes the world around us and makes a difference to people’s lives. It’s also a very creative industry and is delivering genuine environmental benefits to the planet – which is really vital at this moment in time.

What do you love the most about your apprenticeship?
I really enjoy the classroom-based learning side of the apprenticeship, as well as the more practical elements that it covers. In the first couple of years, I’ve very quickly begun to realise how what I’m learning is helping me both inside and outside of work, and I’ve started to put some of those tools and methods into practice.

What was it about McCann that really stood out to you as an employer?
McCann was a company that I was very familiar with before I applied for my apprenticeship because I have family members who work here. Everyone I know has always said that the people here are really welcoming and supportive, so when I heard that the business was recruiting for an IT apprentice, I immediately knew that I wanted to apply. After hearing about some of the tasks I’d be covering in this role, and knowing that it was a very supportive environment to grow within, it just seemed like the ideal position for me to learn my trade. Everyone in the team has made me feel very welcome.

What are your future aspirations for your career in civil engineering?
I would love to carry on working for McCann beyond my apprenticeship as an IT Technician and continue to develop the levels of support I provide for the business. I also have ambitions to complete the Level 4 Network Engineer course in order to further expand my knowledge of IT.

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