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MySOS Mandown monitors introduced

McCann is introducing new personal safety monitors to lone workers.

The monitors, MySOS Mandown by Skyguard, have several unique features which make them ideal for our purposes. They have been field tested by the garage staff and callout operatives and will now be rolled out to those considered at heightened risk within our workforce.

An SOS button will alert a 24hr monitoring service should a problem arise and the device allows two way communication with the response centre, whose staff specialise in dealing with emergencies. If no communication is possible because of illness or duress then emergency services are immediately dispatched. And they’ll know exactly where to find the person in need thanks to the onboard GPS function.

The Monitors also have an inbuilt accelerometer, so if the user slips, trips or is knocked unconscious and is unable to raise an alarm manually an automatic distress signal is triggered at the centre prompting an emergency response.

Weighing only 40 grams, the compact and lightweight design of the MySOS Mandown makes it convenient to use in everyday situations. It can be worn around the neck as a pendant, attached to a keyring, or on a belt using the holster accessory, which McCann have also provided.

The MySOS Mandown alarm is a very welcome tool in our efforts to improve staff safety………but let’s hope they never have to be used in anger!

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