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Three Operatives earn our Mental Wellbeing Award for continually ensuring public safety

When our operatives travel the length and breadth of the UK working across a wide range of projects, they not only have to be mindful of each other, but also those around them – whether it be fellow contractors, suppliers or members of the public.

Three of our team were recently presented with McCann’s Mental Wellbeing Award after speed of thought and a consideration of others prevented a potentially serious incident close to our works on the A180 Stallingborough within National Highways’ Area 12 Network in Lincolnshire

Russ Mann, Alex Porter and Richard Woodward were travelling to work when they noticed a member of the public behaving out of character on a bridge over a busy road.

As they drew near and observed the person’s behaviour, the three operatives felt that the person might be about to endanger themselves or others and immediately took the initiative to stop their vehicle and assist, something which on reflection, Russ is glad they did.

“When you see someone acting strangely close to a bridge, you immediately become worried and all sorts of thoughts race through your head,” explains Russ.

“I think the worst-case scenario came into all of our heads that this person might be about to jump from the bridge and put themselves and others in real danger. We didn’t really have time to communicate between each other – it all happened in a split second. We just pulled our vehicle over and went to assist the person as quickly as we could,”

While Russ, Alex and Richard chatted to the person and ensured their safety, they took the opportunity to contact the police for additional support.

“The emergency services arrived very quickly and understood the potential severity of the situation,” adds Russ. “It doesn’t bear thinking about what could have happened, but we’re glad that we stepped in and hopefully this person will now receive the support and care they deserve.”

For our Area 12 Project Manager, Dave Fenlon, the speed of thought shown from the three operatives and their awareness of the dangers around them, deserved recognition.

“I’m really proud of the actions of Russ, Alex and Richard because they averted what could have been a really horrible situation for the individual in question and for road users,”

“We take great pride in our ability as a business to be considerate of not just our own team but also those around us. The three guys have demonstrated best practice when it comes to going above and beyond to ensure the safety of others. It gives me great pleasure to present each of them with the McCann Mental Wellbeing Award in recognition of their actions and we’re indebted to them for their ability to keep calm under pressure and act quickly in a difficult situation.”

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