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McCann receives glowing Considerate Constructors Scheme scores for enabling works at Cocoa West

We have received a series of impressive scores as part of a recent report completed by the Considerate Constructors Scheme in relation to enabling works being completed at our Cocoa West project in York. 

During 2022, Latimer Developments, part of the Clarion Housing Group, awarded us with the contract to carry out infrastructure works as part of the Cocoa West project on a site in the North of England.

The site, formerly occupied by food and beverage company Nestle, sits between Wiggington Road and Haxby Road in the historic city of York. 

The overall project is a new development comprising 302 units, with a mix of property types including housing, two apartment blocks and social housing. 

We are responsible for all the earthworks and drainage including pumping stations and attenuation tanks, roads, footpaths, amenity areas, parking and major section 278 works.

Considerate Constructors carried out a recent inspection of the site, issuing a report which awarded us an impressive 44 marks out of a possible 45 in total for the project. 

An independently managed and not-for-profit organisation, the Considerate Constructor Scheme has supported and guided positive change in the construction industry for the past three decades. Its Code of Considerate Practice ‘helps to drive better conduct and higher standards across construction activities’, focusing on three key areas – respecting the community, caring for the environment and valuing the workforce. 

The on-site visit of the Cocoa West works was carried out by Considerate Constructors Monitor, Chris Pitman, who evaluated the site based on the three key areas and scored each area independently. 

Within the report, it was noted that the site ‘demonstrates commitment to the aims of the Scheme and each dimension of the Scheme is continuing to receive a high level of attention.’ We were awarded with the full 15 marks in both the environment and workforce categories, with the community category still scoring a respectable 14 out of a possible 15 marks.

We were applauded for our commitment to ensuring a ‘proper level of attention paid to protecting the natural environment’, noting that ‘several steps are being taken to reduce the carbon footprint of the works, and carbon emissions.’ 

The site was also praised for its high level of attention to safety management and ensuring that the site maintained a positive and healthy work environment for its staff. 

It was also commented that the site has taken positive steps to ensure it is a ‘good neighbour’ and ‘considerate constructor’ to the community, with effective engagement and feedback arrangements in place to ensure this. 

Our Managing Director, John McCann, is delighted with the outcome of the report and applauds the hard work that has been shown by staff on-site to ensure that standards across the project have been maintained to the highest of standards. 

“We’ve established a great reputation for delivering high-quality infrastructure solutions for clients up and down the UK. The exceptional results in the recent report provided by the Considerate Constructors Scheme about our works at Cocoa West, are testament to that,”

He adds, “It is an honour to receive a near-perfect score across all areas in the Considerate Constructors’ Code of Practice. Our staff work incredibly hard to ensure that works are carried out safely and to the highest standard, while minimising their impact on the environment and ensuring that local communities are always considered.”

“The outcome of this report truly reflects the hard work and dedication that has been shown by project staff and operatives on every level and I would like to extend a sincere thank you to everyone involved in making Cocoa West a success to-date.”

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