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Business cruising towards company-wide environmental targets following acquisition of three Mercedes eVito Vans

We have continued our trajectory towards a cleaner, greener operating model after we recently added three new Mercedes eVito vans to our ever-expanding fleet of company cars, vans, trucks and plant.

The vans are part of our strategic implementation of our environmental and sustainable fleet policy, which previously saw the business make a pledge for its entire fleet of company cars to be all-electric by the year 2025 and achieve ‘Go Ultra Low’ status in 2020.

With the support of the team at Mertrux, McCann has made the first step on its eSwitch journey. The eVito boasts a 162 mile combined WLTP range with rapid DC charging capabilities of up to 80% in just 35 minutes. 

One of the three new all-electric vans will be put to work immediately as a night scout vehicle for local authority contracts in Suffolk, Grimsby and Hillingdon. A new livery has been designed for the company’s fleet of electric vans – making them instantly recognisable as a greener alternative to petrol or diesel equivalents.

This investment in our fleet of vans follows on from the transformation of our fleet of company cars – with 53% of our vehicles becoming either electric hybrid or fully electric by the year 2020.

Six 7.2kw electric charging points have also been installed at our Nottingham head office at a cost of £50,000, with further investments in the next generation of 22kw charger units planned to handle the growing fleet of electric hybrid and all-electric cars.

We were recognised for our efforts in 2020 by achieving ‘Go Ultra Low’ status and set ourselves the target of using plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) or all-electric vehicles by 2021, before going all-electric across our fleet of company cars by the year 2025, which was achieved by 2022, significantly reducing our impact on the environment.

Speaking about the recent investment in the three new electric vans, our Fleet and Plant Manager Paul King said, “Like other sectors, ours has a significant role to play in achieving the country’s environmental targets – not just through the solutions we design and build, but through the tools, machinery and vehicles that aid project delivery,”

Paul continues, “I’m lucky to work for a progressive organisation that recognises the part we play in securing a greener future for the next generation. McCann is wholeheartedly committed to investing in green technologies and these three new Mercedes eVito vans are a big step forward in our long-term strategic vision. I’d like to extend a big thank you to the team at Mercedes for their support in preparing these vehicles as they begin to support projects nationwide.”

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