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Mental Wellbeing Award presented to three Operatives for commitment to ensuring public safety

As part of their work across the UK’s highways, our Operatives must be mindful of dangers which could affect themselves, suppliers and members of the public – ensuring that safety is a top priority at all times.

Three of our team were recently presented with McCann’s Mental Wellbeing Award after speed of thought and a consideration of others prevented a potentially serious incident close to our works on the M25 Junction 18 for Connect Plus Services.

On arrival at their staging point, Jason Hamilton, Joshua Goymer and Darren Garner noticed a member of the public sitting on the wrong side of the safety rail of a bridge. 

As they approached the individual and observed their behaviour, the three operatives felt that the person might be about to endanger themselves or others and immediately took the initiative to engage with them.

Time was of the essence as the individual became increasingly distressed, so as the team continued to support the individual and prevent them from harming themselves and creating risks for road users, they took the opportunity to contact the police for additional support. 

Once the emergency services arrived at the scene, the Operatives assisted in lifting the individual over the safety rail – ensuring they received the medical attention and support they needed.

For our Project Manager, Michael Nicolson, the speed of thought shown from the three Operatives and their awareness of the dangers around them, deserved recognition.

“Our Operatives often go above and beyond the realms of what is expected of them. This case is no different,”

Michael adds, “Jason, Joshua and Darren showed incredible dedication to keeping not only the individual in need safe, but also the many road users who would’ve been travelling under the bridge. They acted quickly and with clarity to ensure that the situation was kept under control,”

“As a business, we take tremendous pride in our ability to be aware of our surroundings and consider those around us. The three guys demonstrated best practice and unwavering commitment to public safety during what was undoubtedly a very unnerving situation. It fills me with great pleasure to present our Mental Health and Wellbeing Award to each of them in recognition of their heroic actions. All three men are great ambassadors for the business and truly represent the values held at McCann.”

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