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Improvement works for King’s Community Church, Oldbury, delivered as part of McCann’s commitment to local communities

We recently delivered a range of local community social value works to support the refurbishment of King’s Community Church in Oldbury, Sandwell, as part of our ongoing lighting infrastructure improvement works with Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council.

Our team is working with the West Midlands-based Local Authority to deliver street lighting replacement and improvements after securing a 2 year replacement programme to upgrade lighting assets within the Borough.

As part of the contract, our team has committed to delivering a range of social value support across Sandwell’s communities which has included contributions to Smethwick Food Bank to help those facing hardship during the winter months. Karen Richards, Sandwell Council’s Social Value Impact Coordinator, helped McCann find a community programme to meet its social value commitment, saying, “It’s always a delight to have this additional commitment from our council contractors in meeting the needs for our Sandwell community”.

McCann has now partnered with King’s Community Church in Oldbury to provide a series of improvements to both the inside and outside of the building. These include replacing existing fittings with energy efficient lighting for the consulting, basement, computer, and storage rooms. Upgrading   the current car park bulkheads and flood lighting, as well as the installation of additional flood lighting to improve visibility for staff and visitors.

Kath Tranter is the Church Warden at King’s Community Church and for her, having our team complete this project is a real boost for a building that is very much at the heart of its community.

“It’s been wonderful seeing the work happen and Chris and Josh from McCann have been great to have around,” says Kath. “The team even brought me some large cardboard boxes to use in a play group – a lovely gesture of additional support.”

She continues, “It was almost 10pm when I locked up after one evening group and I felt so much safer leaving with the new external lights illuminating the car park. The improvements have made a huge difference and mean so much to us as a small, independent community church. To pay to have this kind of work done would cost a lot – something we’re simply not in a position to do,”

“We’ve thoroughly enjoyed having the McCann team here,” she adds. “There’s been no disruption at all and to say that we’re happy with the end result really doesn’t show just how grateful we are!”

For our Project Manager in Sandwell, Nick Brownlow, being able to add this kind of value to local communities across the county means a lot to him, his team and the business.

“We’re employed to work across a wide range of infrastructure projects across the UK but alongside that, as a business, we’re passionate about supporting the communities within which we operate,”

“Kath has been incredibly hospitable and welcoming, and she’s really made us feel like a part of the community. We understand the difference these upgrades will make for her and the church and we’re proud of being able to give back in this way.”

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