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Grassroots football receives a boost as McCann sponsors Darlington All Stars Under 13s

We’re playing our part in supporting grassroots football after McCann recently committed to sponsoring and becoming front of shirt sponsor for Darlington All Stars Under 13s.

All Stars Under 13s play across County Durham, Teesside and North Yorkshire, and McCann has agreed to sponsor the club for the forthcoming season while also being unveiled as front of shirt sponsor.

The club relies on donations and sponsorship agreements from local partners in order to field its teams, with our £600 contribution covering the purchase of 14 sets of kit while also securing McCann the club’s front of shirt sponsorship.

Support for grassroots football is a vital part of the ongoing development and success of the sport – giving young footballers the opportunity to hone their skills and enhance their chances of a career in football in the future.

McCann is currently working on a Street Lighting Works Framework for Durham County Council, covering lighting installation, highway electrical connections on DNO and IDNO, as well as supply, erection and removal of columns, lanterns and sign plates. McCann is also the Independent Connections Provider (ICP) for North Yorkshire County Council. 

When the opportunity presented itself for our team to support Darlington All Stars Under 13s, it was something we could not pass up – as our Managing Director, John McCann goes on to explain.

“We’re making substantive improvements for local residents across the north and north east of England thanks to a number of street lighting contracts and as is the case wherever we work across the UK, we want to contribute to local communities and make a positive difference through new partnerships and initiatives,”

John continues, “When we heard that the team at Darlington All Stars Under 13s were in need of a new kit sponsor, we felt compelled to lend our support and ensure that these young boys and girls have the opportunity to play the sport they love. We’re proud to be involved with the team and we wish them the very best for the season ahead.”

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