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Hillingdon LED Street Lighting Project

Following a successful tendering process, we were commissioned in 2017 by Hillingdon Council to upgrade approximately 23,000 lanterns to LED and maintain 25,000 assets over a 5-year period. We also recruited ten additional members of staff and invested £0.5m in new equipment in order to deliver this.

Our team co-located with Hillingdon Council staff and operated out of the Harlington Road depot in Uxbridge.

As well as an electrician, data survey engineer, operations manager and customer service administrator, we also employed an apprentice - 18-year-old Shawn McGill, giving him that all-important first step into a career in construction.

LED street lighting is widely-recognised to benefit both local residents and businesses in terms of safety and security, while holding equal importance for local authorities by saving money and having a positive impact on the environment.

Cllr Keith Burrows, Hillingdon Council's Cabinet lead for Transportation commented: "Hillingdon is committed to ensuring that our streets are safe for motorists and pedestrians and our latest LED street lighting initiative will see improved visibility and lower running and energy costs. We're delighted to be working with McCann to deliver the very best for our residents and visitors to Hillingdon."