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Quick thinking and safety training comes to the rescue as two employees help injured delivery driver

We recently commended a heroic performance by two of our employees in October, as Steven Finch and Dave Millington put their first aid training to the test to help an injured delivery driver.

Both men have earned the October Employee of the Month award, after having the presence of mind to respond to an incident which occurred while they were loading lighting columns during work on the A45 Tollbar scheme.

Steven and Dave noticed a delivery driver struggling to unload steel sections from his lorry. Before either could offer assistance, the driver dropped the steel and, in the process, suffered a severe cut to his forearm. Both men immediately rushed to help, using the first aid kit supplied with all McCann company vans to bandage his arm before contacting site supervision for additional assistance.

While administering first aid to the driver, Steven and Dave noticed that the cut was more severe than first anticipated and as a result, phoned the emergency services for assistance. Both Steven and Dave stayed with the driver until the emergency services arrived on the scene, and it is understood that he is now in the process of making a recovery from his injuries thanks to the quick thinking of both men.

As a result of their commitment to health and safety, both Steven and Dave have been awarded the October Employee of the Month Award. As a thank you and a sign of appreciation for their hard work, the company has presented each of them with a certificate and £50 worth of high street shopping vouchers.

Speaking about the award, Steven said “if something like that happens on site, you do not think twice about what to do. Our first thought was for his safety and I am really pleased that we were able to help him and make sure that the emergency services were on site to treat him further”.

We have a strong health and safety culture, with rigorous training, poster campaigns and safe operating procedures in place to ensure that safety in the workplace is of paramount importance for workers. The company’s Accident Frequency Rate has remained at zero for the past 29 months and this year alone, the company has won the RoSPA Gold Award for Site Safety, a Flour Spirit of Safety Award and the Skanska Site Safety Award.

Looking back at the incident, Dave added “both myself and Steven would like to say thank you to McCann for recognising our efforts. As Steven says, you do not think twice in that situation, you just react. The person’s safety and wellbeing is of paramount importance and I’m happy that he is now recovering well”.

Ben Feltham, Lean/Quality Manager at McCann said of the two men “I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to both Steven and Dave for their actions. Without their intervention, the whole incident could have become far more serious. We are very proud of both of them for deploying their first aid training so promptly and decisively – they thoroughly deserve their awards in recognition of their quick thinking”.

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