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Calm heads earn employee of the month certificate for two of our team in Calderdale

It’s always rewarding to be recognised for a job well done and that’s exactly what happened recently for two of our team working on our LED lighting term maintenance contract in Calderdale, Yorkshire.

The scheme, worth £20m, was awarded to our team by The Borough Council of Calderdale, Yorkshire, in 2017 and will see us replace 19,000 lanterns and 9,000 lighting columns alongside lighting design, associated ICP connections and civil engineering works before eventual completion in 2021.

Our team is replacing traditional street lighting with energy efficient and environmentally friendly LED equivalents which will future proof street lighting in Calderdale by reducing light pollution and creating a safer environment for pedestrians and road users. We’re also contracted for the maintenance of both the existing and future asset portfolio including fault repairs, cleaning of assets and emergency services for street lighting infrastructure.

As part of the four year contract, we recently completed lantern replacement and upgrade works in Heptonstall on Smithwell Lane. Concerns had been raised by residents about possible congestion in the area as a result of the work as well as misapprehension that our team was contracted to install 5G connections – which is not the case. Works have been performed at night due to the traffic sensitive nature of the roads with our team working for less than 30 minutes in each location to significantly reduce disruption. The energy savings and lighting quality improvements are instant, bringing immediate benefit to the local authority and its residents.

Following completion of the lantern replacements in Heptonstall, one local resident recently wrote a letter to us commending our on-site Electrician Richard Greave about his handling of the works and how he liaised with local residents to ensure that they were informed at every stage. The letter mentioned how Richard “dealt with the situation admirably” and that he “quickly assessed the traffic situation, genuinely acknowledged residents concerns (and) arranged for traffic management to attend.”

The resident was particularly pleased with how Richard responded to local questions and concerns, outlining how he “took the time to respond to those concerns, patiently and genuinely acknowledging their points of view”. He also “explained in detail what he was trying to do to mitigate the problem” in relation to traffic management and congestion and “explained what work needed to be undertaken” and “how long it might take”. The letter ended by saying that Richard “displayed good public relation skills, which all in all reflected very well on your company”.

This glowing testimonial earned Richard our employee of the month award for June which was awarded by our project manager in Calderdale, Richard Kaye.

Alongside Richard’s fantastic conduct, McCann has also recognised Apprentice Electrician Danny Tatton for how he dealt with a difficult situation on the same project in Todmorden after being confronted by a member of the public. Video footage was shared online of a member of the public angrily confronting Danny, who calmly and professionally explained the work being carried out by our team – diffusing the situation.

Richard Kaye is full of praise for both Richard and Danny and how they have worked together with residents to alleviate concerns and successfully complete lighting works within the agreed schedule.

“The guys have been great and I know that in Heptonstall, Todmorden and the surrounding area, there have been several questions about the nature of the works we’re completing and how that affects residents,”

“Both Richard and Danny have explained methodically our approach and what we’re there to do whenever people have approached them. Both guys are fantastic, shining examples of our company’s values and culture, and epitomise how we always want to work with people in local communities and communicate clearly our approach in a transparent and calm manner,”

“Even under sudden and extreme pressure when resolving a difficult situation with an angry member of the public, Danny coped incredibly well and represented McCann in the right way – especially given his young years. Both Richard and Danny are deserving of their employee of the month awards for June and July respectively and I would like to pass on my sincere thanks to them on behalf of the whole team for their dedication, hard work and professional approach.”

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