The first-class route to

successful training

The first-class route to

successful training

Fire Marshal Training

This course will be of benefit to all staff, particularly those designated as fire wardens or marshals. It is suitable for employees working in industry, commerce or the public sector.

Learning outcomes

You will develop knowledge and skills in how to:

  • Identify fire hazards and risks
  • Report fire hazards and risks
  • Use fire extinguishers safely

The course content includes:

  • Fire legislation, facts and figures
  • Combustion principles and how fire spreads
  • Fire case study
  • How to spot common hazards
  • Actions in the event of fire and evacuation principles
  • Fire wardens’ responsibilities
  • Routine fire safety checks
  • Fire extinguisher theory and practical


4-6 hours depending on practical requirements

Delivered in your workplace or at our training facility. For prices and availability contact Ersoy Errol on 01159 540166 or

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